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Friday, December 30, 2011

Guest post: Deborah Bryan

PLUS a giveaway of Deborah's new book The Monster's Daughter.

Today, I'm excited to feature Deborah Bryan, one of my blogging buddies from the mommy blogging world, and author of The Monster's Daughter (The Glass Ball Trilogy). Deborah has been my guest previously on Cookie's Chronicles, my personal blog. She wrote a beautiful piece entitled Mother, Child, Mother that I highly recommend you read if you are or intend becoming a mother.

Today, Deborah is here with a most appropriate end of year guest post.

Stay tuned following Deborah's guest post to enter the giveaway for her new novel, The Monster's Daughter.

Every single blessed rung
by Deborah Bryan
Books were the magic of my youth. No matter how rocky the waters outside their pages, I could always find the solace of hope within them.

Books whispered to me, "What's to come needn't be a continuation of what is."

I grew up. I built a life so full of inspiration I didn't need it from stories anymore.

I read less and less.

Early this year, a girlfriend recommended a handful of books she felt I'd love. I read A Brief History of Montmaray (The Montmaray Journals) over a weekend and remembered the joy of being totally transported to another world.

I found I needed more. I wanted to experience the rush of living passages from other peoples' lives.

I read more of my girlfriend's recommends, and sought out a few of my own.

This year, I've read over 40 books. Each has enchanted me in its own way. The last, A Monster Calls, I described as "heartbreaking, breathtaking perfection." It was a gift of love I would never have received had I not picked up that first book and given it a shot.

Working, writing, and loving on my son leave little time for reading. Still, I steal those moments I can to read, and I savor every word.

Every single word. Every single blessed rung along the bridge to the world as seen by another.

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About Deborah

Deborah Bryan is a writer hailing from the Pacific Northwest and, not coincidentally, now living in Long Beach, California. She is the author of several novels, the first of which she is thrilled to have edited in just six short years. She's currently working on more writing and editing projects than she can count, and loving every minute of it.

Books by Deborah Bryan

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WIN a copy of
The Monster's Daughter
by Deborah Bryan

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Denise Z said...

Well I feel a kindred spirit here with Deborah today. I grew up in Long Beach and I hope you are enjoying life there :) I love author interviews and getting a little peak into an author's journey. Thank you for taking the time to share with us today and for the wonderful opportunity to win a copy of your intriguing book, I would love to read The Monster's Daughter.

Cookie’s Mom said...

Deborah, thanks for being my guest once again. I am always enlightened by your words and find myself nodding in agreement. I have had periods in my life when reading for fun just wasn't possible. Like you, being a mom affords me little time for pleasure reading, but I steal pieces whenever and wherever I can!

Happy reading!

Anonymous said...

Love Deb and her writing! Both her real and fictional stories are fascinating! Thank you for featuring her.

Deb said...

Denise, I'm loving life here! Days like today, I remember my rainy hometown and rejoice the fact it's 80 degrees and dry here in the heart of winter. I hope your new year's treating you kindly and that you'll get a chance to read The Monster's Daughter in this new year! :p

Sue, thank you so much for the chance to guest post here! It felt so good to articulate what reading means to me. I've always known it was important in the abstract, but I love locking on to the root of a thing.

I've dived so zealously back into reading whenever I can find a few moments, it seems baffling to me now that I was hardly reading a year ago today. I don't mean to go back to that bookless place again while it's my choice!

Mynewfavoriteday, thank you for reading, here and elesewhere, and for generally making life brighter! (I don't mean that just for me, either!)

Helen said...

This book sounds like an interesting read. I just want to go out and get it now.

Darlene said...

I've been visiting a few of your blog posts today, Cookie, and I am enjoying what I see! I love reading author interviews and guests and, of course, who doesn't love a giveaway?

Thanks again,

darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com

Deb said...

Helen, thank you for checking it out, and for saying so! I hope you enjoy it, if you do end up reading it. :)

Darlene, thank you for entering this giveaway! I've also enjoyed reading through the other guest posts here, although it only occurred to me to actually enter one of the giveaways. I should remedy that right now, if I still have the chance.

Cookie’s Mom said...

Congratulations to the winners, Darlene, Lori and Renee!

Thanks to all who entered! Stay tuned for a review of THE MONSTER'S DAUGHTER and interview with Deborah later this year.

Thanks to Deborah Bryan for providing the books in this giveaway!

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