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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Weeks Before Christmas:
Guest Post from Lin Pardey

Today, I am pleased to announce that Lin Pardey has returned to Cookie's Book Club! Lin is the author of Bull Canyon: A Boatbuilder, A Writer and Other Wildlife.

Earlier this year, I reviewed Bull Canyon and spoke with Lin. You can read the review and interview here.

Lin is here today with a special guest post, AND to award two lucky readers hard copies of her fabulous book! Typically my giveaways are for electronic copies of books, but in this case, the hard copy is a must for it's gorgeous photos.

Without further ado, here is Lin:
The Weeks Before Christmas
Lin Pardey
Kawau Island, New Zealand
To be a writer is to have wild mood swings. That is what I have to remind myself as the holidays approach. I have ideas churning in my head, waiting to be laid out on a blank white sheet of computer-screen paper. Then there is yesterday’s writing to be edited. Lying there just behind today's fresh new words are old pages with dull do-nothing verbs to be chased out and replaced by verbs that help my readers share the soul-searing moment I write about. At the same time, my mind is shuffling possible gift ideas. I have a holiday to-do list churning in my head too. As I work at my New Zealand home here in the southern hemisphere, there is one added distraction – summer has just arrived and with it, a wondrous array of young bird life. The ducks have a half a dozen chicks walking across my small garden. Local flightless birds called Wekas are showing their fluffy young how to search for grubs and worms as they dig up the tiny seedlings I planted yesterday. Yes, I am finding it hard to focus on words to describe a scene set in a tiny Mexican village 6000 miles from here. Maybe I should change the scene to incorporate a holiday celebration – gifts being wrapped, special pastries being prepared, musicians tuning up. Now I’ve got my next scene. I can really get the words flowing as I realize the holiday is going to work out great on paper and in real life too.
Thank-you, Lin. It's so nice to have you back here as my guest!

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Bull Canyon: A Boatbuilder, A Writer and Other Wildlife
by Lin Pardey

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Bull Canyon is available in hardcover and Kindle formats from Amazon.com. The book is also available through Paracay.com at a 20% discount off of the retail price: Get the coupon code here!

Visit Lin and Larry and the website for Bull Canyon at http://www.linpardey.com/

Lin and Larry Pardey have a sailing blog where they chronicle their adventures and provide tips to other sailors. Lin’s Blog can be found here: http://www.linpardey.com/lins-blog

Fans of sailing will want to check out the Pardeys' DVD program Cruising Has no Limits as it shows three of their sailing adventures – it's not technical at all. It can be downloaded at TheSailingChannel.TV, rented or purchased through YouTube, or purchased through Paracay.com.

A selection of Lin's books:

Other books by Lin Pardey can be found at 


Linda Mc said...

Cookie's Mom, Thanks for hosting these giveaways!

Lin your book sounds fascinating! Thank you for offering it!


Anonymous said...

I've heard great things about this book. I'd love to read it.

Marjorie/cenya2 said...

This book sounds like a page turner and I would love to win and read it.
I enjoy your site and would like more print book giveaways.

cenya2 at hotmail dot com

Cookie’s Mom said...

Congratulations to the winners, Susan and Marjorie! I hope you both enjoy this book as much as I did.

Thanks to Lin Pardey for supplying hard copy books for this giveaway! And thanks again, Lin, for being my guest.

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