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Friday, January 6, 2012

Free E-Books of the Month:
January Free E-Book Offerings

I mentioned in my post, Locating reasonably priced and free e-books, that there are a couple of publishers that offer a free e-book each month. Here are the selections for January, 2012.

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Each month Pheonix Pick, an imprint of Arcmanor.com, offers a free ebook. The free ebook for January is Charles Sheffield’s Georgia on My Mind and Other Places. This is the complete anthology (the lead story was offered as a free novelette in a previous month). This is really an outstanding collection of short stories by a master of hard science fiction (and the Georgia on my Mind, the story, won both a Hugo and a Nebula).

The coupon code for January is 9991325 and will be good from January 2 through January 31. Download your free e-book at http://www.PPickings.com. Select the format that suits you (PDF, Mobi, EPub, PDb or Lrf).

While you're there you can elect to sign up for monthly mailings, and check out great deals on books.

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The January free e-book selection at The Chicago Press is Collections of Nothing by William Davies King. William Davies King collects something, but what he collects is of no clear value to anyone but himself. Is he collecting or hoarding? Is it obsession or artistry? “What makes this book, bred of a midlife crisis, extraordinary is the way King weaves his autobiography into the account of his collection, deftly demonstrating that the two stories are essentially one.… His hard-won self-awareness gives his disclosures an intensity that will likely resonate with all readers, even those whose collections of nothing contain nothing at all.” — New Yorker

Get your free e-book edition of Collections of Nothing. Enter your email address and instructions will be mailed to you. NOTE: Grayscale Kindle e-ink devices unfortunately will not be able to open this ebook. You should be able to read it on most other devices, assuming you have the correct software application installed. More info can be found on the download form.

Again, you can elect to sign up for email notices so you'll be informed of future free e-book of the month selections.
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