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Friday, December 20, 2013

Books by Christopher Bunn

The following books are available to win during the Cookie's Book Club Annual Christmas Giveaway, beginning Saturday, December 21.

The Storm in Tormay
by Christopher Bunn

The Epic Adventure Begins...

In the land of Tormay, a young thief named Jute robs the house of a wizard one night. Soon, he finds himself running for his life as he seeks to understand what he stole and why so many people suddenly want him dead.

Ancient secrets and curses come alive around Jute as he journeys to freedom in the north, accompanied by a talking hawk, a guilt-ridden assassin, and a forgetful ghost. But, as they seek to save themselves, the little company realizes that much more is at stake than their own lives.

A storm has come to Tormay, and, in the shadows of the night, the Dark walks. It will do anything to destroy the land. It cares nothing for the armies and might of men. Only one thing stands between the Dark and its wicked dreams: a thief named Jute.

A Storm in Tormay is the complete collection of The Tormay Trilogy. It contains The Hawk and His Boy, The Shadow at the Gate, andThe Wicked Day.

The Fury Clock
by Christopher Bunn

Mayhem, Magic and Maniac Dwarves

Malix Shandy, the best-looking scoundrel in the kingdom, sets off on a hopeless quest to find the dreaded Fury Clock. If he doesn’t find it in seven days, he’ll suffer a fate worse than death. Teamed up with a fairly enormous ogre and a psychotic dwarf, Shandy starts to think maybe death would be restful after a week in such company.

Brimming with romance, exciting elves in tight pants, dirty farmboys out to save the world, and tasty roast boar, The Fury Clock will tick-tock your universe into goat-flavored, literary utopia. After all, it isn’t every day you discover the shocking truth about gnomes, dragon eggs or Instant Boots.

Here’s what some famous people could’ve said about The Fury Clock:

“A fantastic story! It played on my heart strings like a Cossack smashing a Stradivarius. I postponed overthrowing the Tsar in order to finish this book! Totally mega kudos!” V. I. Lenin

“Bunn’s prose is like snow falling gently on warm ashes of sacked city.” Genghis Khan

“This so-called writer, this Bunninski, he is capitalist peasant. He will be executed.” J. Stalin

“Oink!” Fritzl the Pig

About the Author

Christopher Bunn graduated from Wheaton College in Illinois with a Master's degree in TV/Film Production. After several years working in the UK on dramas and documentaries, he worked for Big Idea Productions in Illinois, producing children's DVDs and video games. It was there, during a snowy Chicago winter, that he began writing stories. Finally succumbing to the allure of better weather, he moved back to his home state of California where he has been ever since, writing books, film scripts, composing music, and working on a farm.

In addition to his time in media production, he has spent many years working around the globe in various countries. He ran a post office in a United Nations refugee camp in Thailand, done construction in the Amazon, worked in an orphanage in the highlands of Ethiopia, caught malaria in Kenya, done post-hurricane demolition in Hawaii, and worked the nightshift in a shoe factory in Israel.

Of all the jobs he's had, the best by far is being a husband and father.

Website: http://www.christopherbunn.com

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WIN these books during the Cookie's Book Club Annual Christmas Giveaway, commencing this Saturday, December 21.

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