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Friday, December 20, 2013

Books By Steve Konkoly

The following books are available to win during the Cookie's Book Club Annual Christmas Giveaway, beginning Saturday, December 21.

The Jakarta Pandemic
by Steve Konkoly

In the late fall of 2013, a lethal pandemic virus emerges from the Islamic Republic of Indonesia and rages unchecked across every continent. When the Jakarta Flu threatens his picture perfect Maine neighborhood, Alex Fletcher, Iraq War veteran, is ready to do whatever it takes to keep his family safe. As a seasoned sales representative for Biosphere Pharmaceuticals, makers of a leading flu virus treatment, Alex understands what a deadly pandemic means for all of them. He particularly knows that strict isolation is the only guaranteed way to protect his family from the new disease.

With his family and home prepared for an extended period of seclusion, Alex has few real concerns about the growing pandemic. But as the deadliest pandemic in human history ravages northern New England, and starts to unravel the fabric of their Maine neighborhood, he starts to realize that the flu itself is the least of his problems. A mounting scarcity of food and critical supplies turns most of the neighbors against him, and Alex is forced to confront their unexpected hostility before it goes too far. Just when he thinks it can’t get any worse, the very face of human evil arrives on Durham Rd. and threatens to destroy them all. Alex and his few remaining friends band together to protect the neighborhood from a threat far deadlier than the flu, as they edge closer to the inevitable confrontation that will test the limits of their humanity.

From the author:
The Jakarta Pandemic was an enjoyable, yet sobering story to write. The likelihood of experiencing a devastating pandemic in our lifetime is quite real, and this cautionary tale explores the strengths and weaknesses of community bonds, in the face of such an epic civil disaster. Told from a father's point of view, the story focuses on the human elements that shape our ability to survive, and should never be ignored. Survival in the face of desperation, anger and betrayal...a bad combination in the crowded suburbs, as food and life-critical supplies start to vanish. This book puts you in the middle of a likely and frighteningly realistic scenario, where everyone is a potential victim...no matter how well you think you prepared for The Jakarta Pandemic.
Enjoy the ride,

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The Perseid Collapse
by Steve Konkoly

Alex Fletcher is back, in an epic post-apocalyptic continuation of the world created in Konkoly's highly acclaimed bestseller, The Jakarta Pandemic.

2019. Six years after the Jakarta Pandemic "decimated" the world's population; life is back to normal for the Fletchers and most Americans. The United States stands at the brink of a complete domestic and international resurgence, with stories of confidence and prosperity dominating the headlines.Appearances can be deceiving.

An undercurrent of paranoia and fear still runs strong below the surface; the collective angst spawned by 28 million American deaths forever stamped into population's fragile psyche. Suppressed memories of helplessness and desperation, anger and jealousy--All of it lurks in the shadows, waiting to be released.

On August 19, 2019, an inconceivable "event" will unleash a darkness over the United States. A human darkness with a vast appetite for chaos and violence.

Alex Fletcher will wake to this new world, catapulted headfirst into an impossible journey through a brutally hostile landscape--where the forged bonds of friendship and family remain the only true constant.

Book Two in The Perseid Collapse series: Event Horizon, will be available by early spring of 2014.

About the Author

Steven graduated with merit from the U.S. Naval Academy, receiving a Bachelor of Science in English Literature. He was one of sixteen graduating Ensigns selected for the elite Naval Special Warfare program (SEALs).

He served the next eight years on active duty in various Navy and Marine Corps units: From leading Visit, Board, Search and Seizure (VBSS) operations as a boarding officer in the Arabian Gulf, to directing Close Air Support (CAS) as a Forward Air Controller (FAC) assigned to a specialized Marine Corps unit, Steven's "in-house" experience with a wide variety of regular and elite military units brings a unique authenticity to his writing.

His first novel, The Jakarta Pandemic (2010), explored the world of "prepping," well before it became popularized by television and books. Hailed as a "grippingly realistic" family survival story, The Jakarta Pandemic introduced thousands of readers to the concept of "prepping," motivating many of them to take the first steps to better prepare themselves for a major disaster. His recently launched series, The Perseid Collapse, continues Steven's legacy of engaging (while informative) prepper/survivalist (SHTF) fiction.

Steven lives with his family in coastal, southern Maine, where he wakes up at "zero dark thirty" to write for most of the day. When "off duty," he struggles to strike a balance between a woefully short sailing season and unreasonably long winter.

You can contact Steven directly by email (stevenkonkoly@gmail.com) or through his blog (www.stevenkonkoly.com).

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