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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

December 25 Supplemental Giveaway
Ruthless to Win Omnibus One by Dakota Franklin

As a supplement to the Cookie's Book Club Annual Christmas Giveaway, Cookie's Book Club is pleased to bring you another opportunity to win this popular prize package!

by Dakota Franklin 
Publisher: Coolmain Press

• Dakota Franklin WINS Best Action/Adventure at Best Independent EBook Awards

• Dakota Franklin's series RUTHLESS TO WIN has already won awards and enthusiastic reviews for fascinating characters and rivetting action. The six volumes already published in the series — LE MANS a novel, REQUIEM AT MONZA, TROUBLESHOOTER, NASCAR FIRST, QUEEN OF INDY and RACING JUSTICE — have all been international Amazon bestsellers.


“I thought the characters were great. I was swept along...a cracking good read.” ~ Joo's Book Reviews 

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book — in fact, I started reading it again straight after I'd finished it.” ~ L. Rumbold on Amazon 

“A wonderful story full of action and remarkable detail.” ~ Boyd S Drew on Amazon


by Dakota Franklin 

Book Excerpt:

20-20 hindsight

On the Sunday before the start of the grand prix season, I went to two parties and committed a criminal conspiracy with the woman of my dreams. Monday I started on the slippery slope that would end when I learned that my friend betrayed me. Tuesday I intimidated the most powerful and least accountable government department of a sovereign democracy. Wednesday someone tried to kill me.

Just so you don’t get the idea I do that sort of thing all the time, we’ll start at one of the high points of my life, which happened on the second Sunday before the start of the grand prix season.

Oh, by the way, I’m Charlie Cartwright. How do you do?


by Dakota Franklin 

From the Dust Jacket:

“On the track a racer has no friends”

Mallory, a crashed-out, half-dead, never-has-been auto racer, gets one last chance when triple Le Mans winner Charlie Cartwright hires her as an engineer at Cartwright-Armitage. Now she’s on the fast track as an engineer, an executive, a driver — in a winning car! She even has a man she can love.

When ambitious tycoon Fred Minster steals the winning Cartwright-Armitage design, Mallory spearheads the investigation which uncovers a traitor inside Armitage.

Threatened by her investigation, Minster orders Mallory abducted by a Detroit criminal to keep her out of the race. Mallory knows that if she doesn’t race at Le Mans, her career is over.

With heart-stopping, realistic race sequences both in the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) and at Le Mans, set against an insider’s portrait of the high-tech jet set milieu of amoral predators whose only justification is winning, Le Mans is the key thriller for the new millenium. Here violence is never as much as skin deep, and ambiguous sexuality is merely another facet of power.


by Dakota Franklin 

From the Dust Jacket:

In a year which will change Simon Aron’s life forever, his friendship and loyalty will be tested by every woman he ever knew, and one will betray him.

Mallory, an old girlfriend with whom he raced a Cobra while they were at college, has been kidnapped by a brutal mobster in the pay of Fred Minster to keep her out of Le Mans, the top endurance race in the world. Minster has also stolen the winning designs of the Cartwright-Armitage car she is entered to drive.

Armitage is vengeful. So is their sponsor, the immensely rich Lydia Simpresi. They want to destroy Minster for setting a monster to rape and kill their princess. They want Simon, a lawyer disillusioned with the law, to be in charge of punishing Minster. A spectacular court case follows.

‘I want to destroy Minster utterly.’ Mallory said. ‘He ordered me tied to a bed by criminals. He ordered a film made of my degradation for his pleasure. And no steel pipe job. I want Minster to suffer for the rest of a very long life.’

Her voice was low, not hysterical at all. She meant every word, and in a year will still mean it.
Mallory is the only woman Simon ever failed as a lover: he will not fail her again. For her he will return to the law.

About the Author: 

"The Queen of Racing Scribes"
(John Houlton)

Dakota Franklin was born in Palo Alto, CA, the daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughter of automobile engineers. It was therefore predictable that she would become an engineer. Her mother, an educationalist, didn't believe in putting children in boarding schools, so Dakota travelled the world, wherever her father consulted. By the time she was ten she could swear fluently in every European language, and carry on a conversation in all the major ones.

After college at Stanford and MIT, and further postgraduate studies in France, Germany and Italy, she worked on jet engines for Rolls-Royce, for Ford and Holden (GM's Australian branch) on high performance vehicles (HPV), then joined her father and grandfather in the family consulting business, where she has specialized in high performance machinery. She has since worked on contract or as a consultant with all the major automobile makers with a racing or HPV profile, and in powerboat and propellor plane racing. She insists racing regulators around the world love her, whatever they may say behind her back!

Dakota started writing in 1996 when a painful divorce coincided with a testing incident that put her in hospital for several even more painful months. After a false start which resulted in having to trash three complete novels, she finally acquired the right creative writing guru, and started creating the series RUTHLESS TO WIN.

She lives in Switzerland with her husband, an inventor, and drives or flies to the motor cities for her current consulting projects. She has one child, a teenager who travels with her and whose eclectic schooling has turned her into a linguist, just like her mother, but who has no intention of becoming an engineer.

Dakota says, "I'm finally happy. Fulfilled may not be too large a word."

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